Many factors contribute to the low interest in education in the rural fishing communities, for instance access to education enhancement materials, because of the financial status of most of the parent of these children, they are unable or unwilling to provide the necessary learning materials such as books, pens, bags and school uniform, shoes. you help by sponsoring a child 


Community based initiatives projects that develop capacity at the grassroots so people can help and lead themselves may include Education, Health,  Economic Empowerment projects and other similar undertakings. These are the key to poverty reduction and the development of human resources. We believe the success of these projects at the grassroots will raise the social and economic status of the communities as a whole. We seek to work with like-minded people and organisations to demonstrate in action that people of all backgrounds can come together in the service of a common good. clink on the drop down on volunteering to read further

Our partners all over the world matter to us a lot. We can’t do much without them. We believe the call of Coast Bridge - Ghana goes beyond the scope of a few individuals, we therefore call on all well wishers who fill able to make a contribution in kind or cash to support our school to sustain our school



Many companies, large and small which are making the decision to be involve in the ever-growing community of institutions, organisations and individuals that seek to work together to create a better world. We warmly invite your participation.

The door of Coast Bridge - Ghana is open to donors and partners all over the world who may wish to make a contribution in any way. The donations will transform lives and help to establish long term and sustainable development projects in the rural communities.

                 Coast Bridge-Ghana is

a grassroots organization manage by locals. the organization operate basically on the donations of individuals and groups. your donation will go a long way to ensure we sustain the school in the village as well as ensure the people in the village live in good health by providing health awareness campaigns; your donation will also ensure that we empower the local community economically. consider donating today. thanks



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 Akosua Village, Winneba - Ghana

 P.O.Box 489.

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