Coast Bridge - Ghana is a registered non-profit NGO which is committed to the development of rural fishing communities through education, health, and economic empowerment projects.

Your donation will help us bring education, health and economic empowerment in the lives of children and women in rural fishing communities. Your donation today will create a better world for the less privileged. Thank you!

The door of Coast Bridge - Ghana is open to partners from all over the world who wish to contribute in any way. Volunteers will transform lives and help to establish long term and sustainable development projects in the rural communities.

To mobilize resources to help develop rural fishing communities through Education and Economic Empowerment projects.

Specific Objectives

  • Increase access to and participation in education and training in rural fishing communities.

  • To improve access to health care and sanitation conditions in the rural fishing communities.

  • To create and encourage income earning activities and empower women in particular to support themselves economically


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 Akosua Village, Winneba - Ghana

 P.O.Box 489.

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